Treatment Prices at Whitehill Dental Care

Any treatment offered (either NHS or Private) will be estimated, discussed and agreed with you in advance.

Patients are encouraged to make some payment towards treatment at each visit. Payment can be by cash, cheque or card.

Prices for NHS treatment are set by NHS Scotland. Not all available treatments can be carried out under NHS regulations. Some NHS items incur additional charges. These will be included in any quotation.

There is a charge of £3.84 for patients who pay for treatment for prescriptions requested out with an appointment time e.g. for mouthwash or toothpaste

Charges for common procedures as of 10.1.2019 are as follows:
Treatment Prices NHS Private
Patient Examination Free £60.00
X-rays £4.88 POA
Scale & Polish £11.12 £45.00 (15min)
£70.00 (30min)
Silver fillings from £7.56 POA
Composite filling (white) from £14.28 1 Surface from £80.00
2 Surface from £90.00
3 Surface from £100.00
Crown, single front tooth from £73.60 from £400
Sports Mouthguard from £120
Whitening – 1 Arch
Whitening – 2 Arches
Additional Syringes
£10 each
Root Canal Treatment, front tooth from £40.92 POA
Dentures (Full set)
Dentures (Top or Bottom)
Dentures (Partial)
from £153.68 From £650.00
From £400.00
From £320.00
From £650.00
Emax Inlay
Emax Veneer
Bonded Crown
Emax Crown
Gold Shell Crown
Shade Taking
From £300 + Gold Price
Add £80.00 to Crown Price
Bonded Bridge
Bonded Bridge
Maryland Bridge
Maryland Bridge
Post & Core
£400 per abutment
£300 per pontic
£300 per tooth
£100 per wing

Will I have to pay for NHS treatment?

It depends. Many adults over the age of 18 have to pay. In Scotland, NHS charges are set by the Scottish Government. If you have to pay you can ask your dentist how much it will cost before your treatment begins. Some adults can get help with some or all of the costs e.g. you can get free NHS dental treatment if you:

• Are pregnant
• Have had a baby in the last 12 months, or
• Get income support or cetain other benefits.

You must tell the reception staff if you do not have to pay for NHS dental charges or you get help to pay them. You may need to show proof of this. Information explaining NHS care, exemptions, private fees etc are available from our website or directly from the reception staff.

Practice Policies
The practice has a number of policies to ensure that we provide the best possible care for our patients. All patient information is processed in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, and is treated with the strictest confidence. A record of the Practice’s Health Board inspection & details of the Practice’s audit process & improvements can be made available on request.